The Little piece of Sky is open for takeaway. Unfortunately we don't deliver but you can preorder for pick up.
Call 0191 276 3935 to order. The little piece of sky

We are open 6 days a week now, Monday to Saturday, from 11am until 3.30pm and Friday nights for the vish fry.

We have a selection of veggie and vegan sarnies, wraps, pies and cakes all homemade and freshly prepared on site.
Pies On Friday nights we open up from 5pm to 8pm for veggie and vegan 'fish n chips'. Both menus are below.

We also supply a selection of vegan cakes and cupcakes. You can buy them at the deli (the selection varies daily) or if Carrot cake you want to a whole cake or more than six cupcakes you can preorder them. Our list of cakes can be found here.

They are all freshly made and so we need 24 hours notice if you want to order one.

Our current Takeaway menu

B.L.A.T £4 V
Our homemade veggie bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and vegan mayonnaise bacon

Super sandwich £3.90, Vegan, Gf available
Hummus, carrot, avocado, vegan mayo, superfood pesto on brown

Felafel and hummus wrap £3.90, vegan, Gf available
With lots of salad and tomato salsa

Halloumi naan Halloumi tikka naan £4.80
With carrot chutney and minty yoghurt sauce

Cincinatti chilli burrito £4.80
With nachos, cheese and jalapenos. Vegan available with vegan cheese.

Chilli burrito Veggie burger £4.95, Vegan
With tomato, lettuce, gherkin and vegan mayo. Add cheese or vegan cheese for £1 extra.

Veggie cheeseburger £5.50, Vegan available
With tomato, lettuce, gherkin and vegan mayo. Add cheese or vegan cheese for £1 extra.

chilli cheeseburger £5.80, Vegan available
With tomato, lettuce, gherkin and vegan mayo. Add cheese or vegan cheese for £1 extra.

Halloumi burger £5.90
A slice of hot halloumi cheese, onion rings, tomato, lettuce, gherkin and vegan mayo.

quesadilla Veggie breakfast bap £3.95
Sausage, bacon, mushrooms and a fried egg in a bun. Vegan with tofu instead of egg.

Breakfast burrito £4.80
Sausage, mushrooms, hash brown, beans and cheese in a tortilla wrap. Topped with salsa and a fried egg.

Refried beans quesadilla £4.50
With mozzarella and cheddar. Vegan and gluten free available.

Pies and pasties

Vegan mince and onion pie £2.75 Pies in the oven

Vegetable curry pie £2.65, vegan, gluten free

Veggie sausage roll £1.70, vegan

Salad box £3.50
vegan and gluten free

Sky Apple chippy
Friday nights the little piece of sky turns into a veggie chippy serving vegan fish and chips as well as other typical chip shop fayre. We open at 5pm and keep frying until 8pm.

To avoid the queues why not phone your order in advance and give us a time you want to pick up.
Call 0191 276 3935.

The Chippy menu

Portion of chips £2.40

Deep fried halloumi £4.75
Wrapped in slices of aubergine, dipped in batter and deep fried. Gluten free available. Vegan fish or vish

Vegan 'fish' £4.50
homemade from tofu, sauteed root vegetables, herbs and nori seaweed. Gluten free available.

Sausages in batter £3
Two vegan sausages dipped in batter and deep fried

Curry of the day with rice or chips, vegan £4.90

Selection of pies available

Sky Apple burger, vegan £4.95
With salad, mayo and gherkin

Chilli burger, vegan available £5.80
As above but with our home made Cincinatti chilli, cheese, nachos and jalapenos.

Halloumi Tikka naan £4.75
Naan bread filled with griddled halloumi tikka, carrot chutney and minty yoghurt.


Curry sauce - £1.20
Mushy peas - £1.20
Mixed salad box - £3.50