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At night time we posh it up a bit and cafe becomes restaurant.

May / June 2015

Anything marked Heat 'n' eat can be taken away cold and reheated at home later for a dinner party or a special evening meal.

We will take the VAT off the prices quoted below. We require 24 hours notice. Just call to order and pick up the next day.


Soup of the day V £4  Heat 'n' eat

Beetroot tart tatin £5.50  Heat 'n' eat
Oven roasted beetroot encased in puff pastry with a red onion marmalade and baked with a little balsamic vinegar glaze. Served hot topped with a goats cheese and chive mousse on lambs lettuce with a little beetroot Mayo.

Roti jala. V, Gf, N £4.90  Heat 'n' eat
Roti jala literally means net bread. A gluten free 'net' sits over an aromatically spiced aubergine rendang curry flavoured with lemon grass, coconut, lime leaves, star anise and much more. Finished with a little peanut sauce and lime segments.

Avocado and fake crab smushi. V, Gf £5  Heat 'n' eat
A lightly toasted crouton of gluten free bread topped with avocado dressed with a light wasabi vegan mayonnaise, our homemade 'crab' pate made from tofu, slow cooked veg and nori seaweed and then thinly sliced radish. Served with pickled cucumber and a crispy 'seaweed' garnish..

Halloumi flautas £4.95  Heat 'n' eat
Wheat flour tortilla rolled and filled with a fajita mix of peppers, onion, cumin, halloumi cheese and BBQ tomato sauce and then deep fried. Served with a small jug of jalapeño cream sauce and a corn off the cob salsa.

Caesar salad Gf £5.20  Heat 'n' eat
A deconstructed Caesar salad that was too tempting to resist. A whole breaded deep fried egg, baby gem lettuce, a light Caesar dressing, and deep fried croutons of a mixture of cheddar and Stilton cheese. Finished with crispy parmesan.

Main courses

Asparagus pie £10.50  Heat 'n' eat
Asparagus cooked three ways. Cooked into a buttery French style pastry pie with ricotta cheese flavoured with shallots, wine and basil. Served with a do!celatte and asparagus cream sauce with asparagus tips and topped with a shaved asparagus salad. Served also with rosemary roasted new potatoes.

Super food salad. V, Gf £9  Heat 'n' eat
Quinoa flavoured with a super food pesto of broccoli, herbs, spinach and pumpkin seeds. Beetroot, radish, Edamame beans, peppadew peppers, pomegranate seeds, herbs and mixed leaves all brought together with a lightly spiced dressing. Serve around pea risotto cakes topped with a little homemade chive soy cream cheese.

Tex mex platter (wheat free) £8.90  Heat 'n' eat
A satisfying bowl of Cincinnati style chilli flavoured with 100% chocolate, allspice and cinnamon. Sat on some cheesy nachos and served with a side of Cajun style sweet potato fries drizzled with sour cream and a side of homemade chunky guacamole.

Spectacular curry stack. V, Gf £9.60  Heat 'n' eat
Spiced roast pepper filled with vegetable bake rice. Red onion roasted in tikka spices. A sliced aubergine pakora. A tomatoey chickpea massala. Finished with a crispy poppadom and served with a spinach curry sauce.

Mushroom pappardelle £8.90  Heat 'n' eat
Chestnut mushrooms pan fried with shallots and garlic, deglazed with vermouth and finished with a deep flavoured wild mushroom sauce. Tossed with soft roasted fennel, griddled radicchio and pappardelle pasta. Topped with grated parmesan style cheese.


Strawberry crumble V £4.90  Heat 'n' eat
Served hot with a strawberry sorbet

Chocolate mousse cake £5.20  Heat 'n' eat
Chocolate fudge cake, toffee filling, chocolate mousse, whisky cream and grated cinder toffee.

Raspberry meringue Gf £4.90  Heat 'n' eat
Fresh raspberries, raspberry coulis, Chantilly cream, and shards of meringue.

Cheese board £5.80
Our cheese selection varies weekly so please ask for details.

Vegan Cheese board £5.80
With a selection of homemade vegan cheeses, crackers and chutney. Our cheese selection varies weekly so please ask for details.

V=vegan, GF=gluten and wheat free, N=contains nuts. Corkage £1.90 per person for B.Y.O

We now open for Sunday lunch from 11am to 4pm!

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Saturday: 10am to 4.30pm then 6pm to 10pm
Sunday 11am to 4pm

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