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At night time we posh it up a bit and cafe becomes restaurant.

July August 2014

Anything marked Heat 'n' eat can be taken away cold and reheated at home later for a dinner party or a special evening meal.

Prices are twenty percent cheaper than those quoted on this page. We require 24 hours notice. Just call to order and pick up the next day.


Soup of the day V £4

Mushroom and stilton pezanas (vegan available) £5.75  Heat 'n' eat
A finely chopped mushroom duxelle cooked with shallots, herbs and wine and encased in pastry with Stilton cheese in the classic southern French 'cotton reel' shape. Served with an asparagus veloute and a small salad of leaves and asparagus shavings dressed with a truffle dressing.

Mini mezze V £4.80  Heat 'n' eat
A sort of cross between a fatoush salad and a mezze. Shards of za'taar brushed and toasted pitta bread served with 3 dips: Tunisian spicy carrot, roast butternut squash and tahini and a smoky aubergine babaghanoush. All sat on a fine salad of tomato, cucumber, radish, pepper, onion and mint.

Beetroot and goats cheese 'ravioli' Gf. £5.20  Heat 'n' eat
Slices of cooked beetroot marinated in a pear cider vinaigrette and filled with a light herbed goats cheese mousse. Served with a little leaf and, aged balsamic Vinegar, crushed pink peppercorns, crystallised beetroot and a drizzle of basil oil.

Punjabi kadhi with pakora Gf, V. £4.90  Heat 'n' eat
Kadhi is a delicious spicy sauce made from yoghurt (in this case soy yoghurt) cooked with chickpea flour. It is topped with thin slices of deep fried butternut squash, courgette and aubergine pakora.

Mediterranean tart £4.95  Heat 'n' eat
Some of the flavours of the mediterranean: pickled peppers, courgette, caramelised onion, roast tomato, black olive tapenade and pesto baked into a puff pastry tart. Served with a small scoop of veggie parmesan ice cream.

Main courses

Aubergine gnudi. V, Gf, N £10  Heat 'n' eat
A homemade soy and almond ricotta cheese, flavoured with shallots, olives and basil and poached into dumplings or gnudi. Rolled in griddled aubergine and baked. Served on a Sicilian style tomato sauce with a small mixed salads and a dusting of pistachio 'parmesan'.

Succotash and chimichanga £8.90  Heat 'n' eat
An American inspired dish. A deep fried wheat flour tortilla filled with cheddar cheese, mozzarella and roasted mixed vegetables and served with a succotash of sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, basil, fried hot dog sausage, broad beans and a little cream. Served with a small griddled corn on the cob and a squirt of a home smoked hickory BBQ sauce.

Nasi goreng Gf, V, N £9.50  Heat 'n' eat
Nasi goreng is a tradional Indonesian breakfast dish but is great any time of day. A spicy mixed mushroom Balinese style curry flavoured with aromatic spices like fennel and cloves and also coconut milk and peanuts. Served with stir fried nasi goreng flavoured with lemon grass and kecap manis, deep fried shallots and some Indonesian style mixed vegetable pickle called acar.

Halloumi scampi and chips. £9  Heat 'n' eat
Deep fried 'scampi' fashioned from chopped and minced halloumi cheese. Served with homemade lemon mayonnaise, minted pea puree and skinny fries.

Californian sushi rolls Gf, V£10  Heat 'n' eat
Inside out sushi rolls filled with pickled cucumber roast pepper and BBQ aubergine and rolled in sesame seeds. Served with a black rice noodle hiyashi chukka salad and avocado with a tare dressing and fine sliced sweet potato tempura with wasabe mayo.

Quinoa pizza Gf (vegan available) £8.80  Heat 'n' eat
This is quite a new technique of creating a gluten free pizza base with quinoa. It has a naturally deep and nutty flavour so we have simply topped it with tomato and basil sauce, mozzarella, olives and garlic mushrooms. Served with a healthy mixed leaf salad tossed with an assortment of toasted seeds and other salad vegetables.


Flower pot £5  Heat 'n' eat
Tiramisu made with mascarpone and masarla wine and topped with an Oreo biscuit crumb.

Mango, lime and ginger cheesecake V,Gf. £5.20  Heat 'n' eat
A vegan cheesecake made with tofuti and coconut yoghurt and topped with a raw mango sauce.

Limoncello berries Gf. £4.90
Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and more topped with a limoncello zabaglione, white chocolate mousse and served with gluten free shortbread.

Cheese board (gf available) £5.50
Our cheese selection varies weekly so please ask for details.

V=vegan, GF=gluten and wheat free, N=contains nuts. Corkage 1.80 per person for B.Y.O

We now open for Sunday lunch from 11am to 4pm!

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Monday: 10am to 4.30pm
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Sunday 11am to 4pm

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